How We Do It

We use a mix of tools to help students customize an environment for success that is specific to them.

AppPicThe P210 App provides students with a space where they can custom create their environment for success. They will be able to organize their experiences, keep track of their progress, and communicate their needs to us in a safe, convenient environment.


YouTube Vid
Peer-led, Incentivized, video-based programs deliver the message of career and educational development to students through messengers that represent them. Youth need to be able to see themselves in the midst of the messaging. Who better for them to hear from than peers who are motivated to help other students, with no agenda, other than to see a better life for their peers?


IMG_9408P210’s community events are purposed to interrupt the story of any young person who believes that she or he is less-than college material, or that their dream career is impossible! Events include tours at higher education institutions and career sites, information rallys at middle and high school campuses, and block parties within students neighborhoods.